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Risk Assessment Principles and Practice

The course is aimed at managers and other personnel in the workplace who need to understand the principles of risk assessment and their practical application.

Aims of the course
The aim of the course is to enable delegates to understand the principles of risk assessment and be able to carry out assessments in their own workplace whilst at the same time understanding the legal background and requirements of risk assessment.


  • The course covers the following aspects of Risk Assessment
  • The principles of Risk Assessment Essential definitions
  • Risk assessment in Practice
  • Carrying out risk assessments
  • Legal Requirements of Risk Assessment

The structure of the course

Principles of Risk Assessment

  • Concept of risk assessment
  • Work related injury and ill health statistics. The Accident Triangle.
  • Understanding the principles.
  • The risk assessment process
  • Risk Rating
  • Competence

Risk Assessment in Practice

  • The risk assessment process
  • Preparing for a risk assessment Conducting a risk assessment
  • Generic and specialized risk assessments.
  • Communication and review.